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Vision & Mission

Vision & MIssion


With a solid foundation in the reality of injury recovery in sports, the Racing for Dilano Foundation was established. This initiative was inspired by the harrowing experience of a young, talented driver, revealing a crucial gap in his recovery process. Throughout the eighteen years of Dilano’s life, valuable time was lost due to setbacks during his recovery, highlighting the significant gap where young talents recovering at home from injuries often do not receive adequate support, which is not typically provided by sports organisations.


Young talents frequently navigate their recovery process independently, under immense pressure to swiftly return to competition to secure their sporting careers. Our policy focuses on providing optimal support to young talents as they recuperate at home following an accident. This includes ensuring they have access to comprehensive rehabilitation programs, nutritional guidance, mental health support, injury prevention education, and cutting-edge technology to monitor progress and adjust recovery plans as needed for optimal outcomes. Our own experiences have taught us the critical importance of timely and accurate information, along with the necessity of personalized attention, seamless coordination, and regular medical check-ups throughout the recovery process. We recognize that a structured and personalized recovery path not only minimizes downtime but also establishes a robust framework for a successful return to sports.



Our mission at Racing for Dilano is to empower young talent in Karting and Formula Racing who have been sidelined by injuries, ensuring they receive comprehensive recovery support to restore their health and well-being. We offer tailored coaching, specialized training programs, and holistic care to expedite their return to competitive sports while fostering resilience and safeguarding their long-term athletic potential.


Key Topics in Recovery Time and Physical Health

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs

We provide tailored rehabilitation programs that focus on both physical and mental health. These programs include physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and sport-specific exercises, overseen by dedicated personal trainers, to ensure young talents regain their full functional abilities.

Nutrition and Hydration

Proper nutrition and hydration are essential for optimal recovery. Our programs include dietary plans designed to support healing, reduce inflammation, and boost overall health, ensuring that young talents have the energy and nutrients necessary for recovery.

Integrating Mental and Emotional Well-being in Recovery

Recovery involves more than just physical healing. Our program underscores the crucial role of mental and emotional well-being during the recovery process of young talent. Through our Emotional Grid, we assist athletes in fostering emotional resilience and regulation, enabling them to manage stress effectively, and better cope with the emotional challenges during their recovery. Concurrently, our Mental Grid supports athletes in constructing a resilient mental framework that helps them maintain focus, develop strategic approaches, and enhance their mental resilience to achieve peak performance upon their return to their sport.

Injury Prevention Education

We educate young talents on injury prevention strategies, including proper training techniques, adequate rest, and body awareness, to reduce the risk of future injuries and enhance their long-term performance and health.

Use of Advanced Technology

Incorporating cutting-edge technology such as biomechanical analysis, wearable fitness trackers, and virtual reality training to monitor progress, provide real-time feedback, and adjust recovery plans as needed for optimal outcomes.

Racing for Dilano aims to establish the benchmark in Karting and Formula Racing for effective and rapid reintegration of injured young talents, ensuring physical recovery and fostering mental resilience. We envision a sports world where young talent recovers quickly with professional support, seamlessly reintegrating into competitive routines to secure their sports careers.

Future Perspective & ambition

Additionally, Racing for Dilano strives to set a global standard in Recovery Support, recognizing timely recuperation as pivotal for ongoing sports career development. Through our strategic approach, we aim to enhance recovery processes for every young talent across all sports disciplines, positively impacting individual drivers and the broader sports community.

At Racing for Dilano, we envision a sports landscape where young talent swiftly recovers from setbacks, supported by professional recovery protocols as standard practice. Our goal is to create an environment where young talent seamlessly resume their competitive routines, driven by an indomitable sports mindset. We firmly believe that bolstered physical and mental resilience is fundamental to achieving a successful comeback. Our vision is to establish the benchmark for recovery and reintegration in sports, ensuring every young talent fully realizes their athletic potential without jeopardizing their sports careers.

By addressing both physical and psychological dimensions of recovery, and integrating advanced technology and education, we ensure comprehensive support for our young talents. This holistic approach not only facilitates faster recovery but also equips them for continued success and sustainability in their sporting endeavors.

Empowerment and Education:

Our foundation aims to empower and educate young athletes, enabling them to actively participate in their recovery process and develop self-management skills. We strive to provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed decisions regarding their health and recovery.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

Racing for Dilano is committed to collaborating with other organizations, medical and sports professionals, and racing teams to provide the best possible support to young talents during their recovery. We seek productive partnerships that enable us to effectively achieve our goals and reach a broader audience within the sports community.

Time Efficiency and Stress Reduction:

We are dedicated to shortening recovery times and reducing stress by offering a clear and personalized recovery structure. Through well-organized programs and tailored guidance, we aim to ensure that young athletes can fully focus on their recovery.